New Year, New Phone!

Christmas has been and gone, and for many of you this won’t have meant coal waiting for you at the end of your bed or under the tree, but a shiny new mobile phone! So why keep hold of your old one, when you can recycle it and get yourself some extra money!

It’s as simple as looking up the model of your phone, sending it to us FREE and then getting paid, it’s like a second Christmas! Also, it’s not only mobile phones that we buy; we also buy tablets and iPad’s, so if you have recently upgraded or received an unwanted gift then send it to us and get some money for it!

Every year mobile phones and other electronic devices are thrown away and left to decay in a hole in the ground, instead of doing this, you could send your unwanted phones to us and we will give you money for them! You are not only helping the environment and preserving the planet’s life by doing this, but you are earning yourself some money! What more could you ask for?!

Don’t delay or throw away your old phone, get it sent to us as soon as possible!

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